Pre-Employment Services

We offer a full range of Occupational Medicine and Pre-Employment Services provided in a state-of-the-art , total health care facility; Physicals, Urine Analysis Drug Screen, Breath Alcohol Testing, DOT Physicals, Audiometric Testing, Spirometry (Pulmonary Function) Testing, Ergonomic Worksite Evaluation, Functional Capacity Testing.

Post-Offer Employment Evaluations

Our occupational therapists can provide a Post-Offer Physical Capacity Screen to assess the abilities of an employee or potential employee to perform in the workplace. This test may be customized to specific job descriptions as directed by the employer and provides detailed physical information specific to the job tasks the employee must perform. This can be a valuable tool to assist the employer in determining the level of work activity an employee can achieve.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is used by physicians, case managers, and employers to transition injured workers back to function in the workplace. FCE is the single most reliable measure to determine the level of work activity an injured or disabled worker can achieve. It is inherently a thorough and accurate evaluation process that documents an individual’s residual physical abilities, level of effort expended during testing, reliability of reports of pain and limitation, and it is an overall gauge of feasibility for employment.

Diagnostic Evaluation and Testing

We will work with employers to design a screening and testing program suited to the needs of your company. Annual physicals, pulmonary and audiometric testing and random drug and alcohol screenings are available.

AMA Impairment Rating

For medical-legal cases, we can evaluate impairment based on the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment and provide a complete impairment report using our AMA-licensed software from J-Tech Medical. As an employer, you will receive a copy of the test result for each employee that completes testing at our facility. We maintain open communications and complete reports in a concise and timely manner.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness programs have been proven to reduce absenteeism, lower health care expenditures, increase productivity and boost employee morale while positively affecting your business’s bottom line. We offer a variety of wellness programs that we design to meet your company’s needs;

• Safety Consulting
• Corporate Workshops and Lectures
• Ergonomic Worksite Evaluations