Patient Testimonials

Hear how Dan came to Shamokin Dam Health Center after having severe car accident related injuries:

Pregnancy Testimonials:

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#1: "My babies are always stubborn and like my last pregnancy, my baby did not flip until the last minute. My son was laying transversely at my 32 week appointment. My midwife and doula agreed that I should see a chiropractor. Dr. Michael Dunigan at Shamokin Dam Health Center was recommended to adjust me and help flip the baby head down. I was apprehensive at first because I was never to a chiropractor. But, Dr. Dunigan was very kind and eased my worries. With just one adjustment my baby was head down and my pain had been significantly reduced in both my back and hips.  I would suggest Dr. Dunigan and all of the staff at Shamokin Dam Health Center for pregnancy and postpartum treatment." Kelsey S

#2: "I have to say I've been to more chiropractors then I can count on both hands for reoccurring lower back pain. None have given the relief I felt after a bout of intense lower back pain while pregnant with our 4th baby. At the end of my ropes, intense pain and unable to function with 3 kids under the age of 6 to care for alone at home, I turned to SDHC for help. What generally takes 1 month to heal on its own only took 4 days! The staff is fun and friendly. Looking to continue care throughout this pregnancy as well as afterwards with the whole family. Much thanks to Dr Dunigan and staff." E Tribe

Hip and Back Pain

"I started treating in May of 2018. I came here for back and hip pain. I was unable to walk for more than 5 minutes, and it was painful to sit or stand. My symptoms have improved since I began treatment and I received tremendous relief. I have more limited pain, and am now able to walk for two hours or more. I can sit and stand comfortably too. A typical visit is about 45 minutes. The staff is friendly with great people that work there. They know my name and they are kind and caring. I actually enjoy my appointments at this doctor’s office!" Lynn S.


“The staff here is fantastic!! They are very welcoming and caring, and they always have a smile on their face. I had been very sick and dealing with a constant migraine that lasted up to two weeks, I was vomiting with chest and back pain, and went almost a full month without eating.Since I started treatment I am able to eat more and keep it down, and my migraine is no longer constantly there." Jada B.

Post-Concussion Care

“I fell down the stairs and obtained a concussion. My sister recommended I visit Shamokin Dam Health Center. I had two treatments and was able to drive to Tennessee. My focus level at work also improved. A typical visit for me is 15 to 30 minutes. The staff is very thorough and pleasant. I explained what happened and they examined me more than my family doctor.” Ronda L.